Thursday, June 27, 2019

A One-day Site Visit

A new project, thank God! Another project was given to me by my former boss. I am grateful enough to be trusted again but this time I am being tied up to almost of her projects. So much blessings, indeed! 

The project is to interior design a commercial bank located in Cebu City, owned by Taft Properties. Architectural planning was already done by others. So, it will be actually my first time to interior design a bank. And I am excited to give my all. Haha! 

To start off the project, we need to visit the site. So, she booked us with Engr. Mark, her Electrical Engineer a one-day site visit.

As soon as we arrived, we directed to site to perform our duties. Site measurements and actual inspection were done. And since the project was a previous bank, too, it wasn't easy at all especially when doing an as-built plan of an existing building.

We also visited her other site projects which were also owned by the same client.

Well of course, you can't leave Cebu for not trying their famous Cebu Lechon. So, right after the site visits, we went to CnT Lechon. It wasn't actually my first time in Cebu. But I was too young back then to experience the whole place. So, technically, it was still my first time to eat Cebu Lechon. Hihi!

It was also a not-so sad day since my schedule was too short to visit some tourist spots. I am still grateful enough to have this project.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Surprised at 30

Celebrating a birthday is one of the happiest life events as God's blessing.  That's why many of us would hold a party or just a simple family and friends dinner, some just live a normal day without taking any effort, and some friends like to surprise them.

My friends and I planned a surprise birthday party for Diane. Since everyone's busy we have to plan it for a month. We must meet everyone's schedules to make it happen. And since its summer, we've decided to have a summer outing, too! Double purpose, indeed. Haha! 

So, how did it go?

First, the date was the first complicated decision. Before, after or on the exact day. If before the date, it would fall on Holy Week. If after, the celebrant might travel somewhere. And if the exact date, she might celebrate it with her family. To solve this, we contacted her sister. Haha! Yes, we must let her family know that we will be holding a surprise party for Diane. And thank God they let us have Diane on that date. :) 

Second, we've started to look for a resort within Cavite City or nearby places with affordable rates. We were actually torn between booking the whole place or just walk-ins for daytime or night swimming. It's summer so most of the resorts were probably fully booked. But since we were only a few, we decided to book daytime at Octea Resort in Cavite City. Then each of us brought our food and drinks pledges. Even our friends residing abroad sent us their contributions. :)

Lastly, how we able to invite the celebrant? Well, Diane is an instructor at one of the medical mission fields this is why Jane had a chance to invite, forcibly actually haha! for another "teaching sideline". Haha! Yes, Jane made her believed that they will be teaching at Octea Resort. Haha!

Did we suceed? Yes, it was a success! Hiding something from a friend is not that easy at all. And hey, it's a month of being quiet. Haha! Yes, I am that talkative. And had actually spilled some beans before the party went well. Haha! So, don't blame me for being clumsy. Haha! 

Diane :)

The swimsuit Diane's wearing was actually brought by Jane haha! 

Seafood overload!

Toppers were made by The White Paperbox PH :)

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Mommy Gone Bloggin's baby shower

Events today are really unique and creative. And for us, it is somewhat a family reunion. :)

Ate Joy of Mommy Gone Bloggin, is popping real soon! It was actually unexpected. The last family reunion that we had was the first day of 2019. I was actually surprised when Kuya Bogs revealed it to me on the day we ocular their house for renovation at Dasma, Cavite. Still, they were blessed despite Ate Joy's age. 

So, they held a baby shower at Zoo Coffee, Tuscany, McKinley Hill, Taguig

I was really in love when we first came to this coffee shop. The interior concept is soo unique! And they have stuffed safari animals, too! It completes the concept of a zoo. Don't be surprised when you're with an architect. They will always notice the details. Haha!

Part of the program was a financial stability talk by Ro Suarez. It was a great opportunity for everyone to attend and be enlightened by this talk. Since finances are never an easy thing to handle. Adulting it is! Haha!

This event was not just a baby shower and financial stability talk but it is also a baby gender reveal party! Aside from being a relative, this is everything for us bloggers. It's a jam-packed bloggers event. Haha! See how Ate joy squeezed everything in just one event? Talk to her, she might be of help. Hihi! :) 

A girl?
Or a boy?
I actually voted for a boy since they only have one boy. But still, God gave them another baby girl. :) 

A must try! :D

Carbonara :)

What I've got? Hihi!

God's plan is indeed amazing. The least you expect the more it comes. We should always trust His process. Waiting is never an easy task, too. But we must put our faith in Him. After all, He did all the planning. :)

Congrats, Ate Joy and Kuya Bogs.  Godbless to your bunso! :)