Sunday, February 24, 2019

Room interior walk through at Paragon Square

In line with my previous post about "Better than a design contract.", Here are just the initial interior design presentations for Paragon Square hotel rooms and units project. The project is located at Tabon, Kawit, Cavite.

The rest of the designs for units are still ongoing. Hope I could finalize the designs the soonest. Wish me luck! ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Walk through at Algones Residence

Here is my initial presentation of design proposal for residential project located in Davao City.

To know more about this project, you may check my previous post, "Davao project."

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Heart's day extension.

Everyday is Valentine's day they say. So, some spend it on weekends on out of town trips or mall dates since February 14 falls on weekdays. Well, you can't only be in love or give effort in just one day, right? Hihi! Consistency is a must, too. 

So for us, we extend our celebration on the 16th. We dine at the Rib Cage in Kawit, Cavite. :)

Rib Cage is just a newly opened restaurant here in Cavite. Restaurants nowadays are really booming. So, you might wanna visit Cavite and try to dine here. The foods were really good! ;) 'Cause I did enjoy my food as I enjoy my extra cup of rice, too! Haha! :)

When flowers are overrated.

It's Valentine's day again! So, how and where did you celebrate it? Celebrating Valentine's day is like a holiday to most couple people and a bitter day to most singles. Hehe! Kidding aside, it is actually the day where some do extra effort to their partner. And the day where most of restaurants were fully jammed pack. So, you must reserve your table ahead of time. 

If you would ask me, I would say I got the best one. ;) I didn't got bouquet of flowers nor chocolates. But instead, I got a fully packed of coffee jelly! Haha! I didn't expect anything from him since the two of us were really need to save some bucks. Hihi! But for me it is just one of his great works for me. The effort of making such especially when he made you your favorite coffee is already more than enough. :)

Ate most of it here hihi! :)

The day didn't end without having a date. So, we headed to Big Ben's Kitchen in Kawit, Cavite. There, we ordered our favorite meals. :) And we were only the customers who dined that time since we spent the date on lunch time so we wouldn't need to worry crowded restaurants. Hehe! 

Just two of our favorites hihi! :)
Thankyousomuch Yabs! :*

So, how and where did you celebrate your Valentine's day? :)

Thursday, February 7, 2019

My second workstation.

Pesto Legaspi

One of my activities, aside from drawing or designing plans, is meetings. Most of the time, we set meetings outside my office. Since I can't still afford to invite anyone to my office due to my not-so-fully furnished place. Haha! Forgive me, cause I can't still manage to buy unnecessary staffs when deadlines of my projects are at stake. But I am still hoping I could make time to do it. :)

So, one of my favorite spot meeting places is Subi Monte Cafe. All the crew there actually knew me already. Haha! Can't help it since my office is just in front of the cafe. Hehe! Whenever I go to the cafe, I make it sure that I am with my laptop and all. So, I would not transfer back again to my place after the meeting. Time is gold it is. But whenever I am at the cafe, I just can't control my tummy. Why?? :( But still, I am very thankful to Subi Monte Cafe for letting me stay there for hours. :) 

Oh, by the way, try their coffee drinks and foods. Everything is so good! ;) You should visit their branches in Cavite City, Kawit and Tagaytay. :)

Monday, January 28, 2019

Davao project.

Proposed exterior perspective

In connection with my previous post, "Finally, a new project!" and after all the studies made, I finally came up with a design solution.

Designing a new residential with a 300-sqm lot is sometimes not that easy, too. Especially, when the client wanted a 100-sqm per floor or a total of 200 sqm total gross floor area only, plus a narrow-shaped lot. And note that it's my cousin's house, so you'll give your best shot.

The project is a 2-storey residential with 3 bedrooms and 2-carport slots. The construction will not be mine, though, since I am located in Cavite and the project is located in Davao City. Target start of construction, hopefully, will be on November 2019.

Can't wait to complete the sets of plans so I could start to design its interior. Hihi!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Better than a design contract.

I had a short meeting with my former employer. It was nice to reminisce the past especially when she almost gave me a company. And I am very grateful by then. But things are meant to take its real purpose and that is to take the risk, to have my own company. I am still thankful for she never forgotten about me and actually gave me a project. Well, its like I am still her employee though but not. Hehe! A real contract per project. :)

The project is to interior design her hotel resort. :) I was the designer before when I was still her employee and it landed on my hands again. Haha! I am still happy that I will be able to finish my unfinished designs. Hehe!

I was actually moved by the time we met again and felt forgiveness for her. Yes, there are stories that I should be keeping to myself but maybe its time to move forward. Holding grudges won't make me succeed in life. Big or small, just forgive. Its part of life they say. I am still grateful for all the recognition she had given to me. I owe her bigtime. And I think it was God's will to resign in her company so I could start my own. At the end of the day, it was still her who helped me out to start a company, by resigning in hers before and now as a client of my own. Hihi!

Thank you Ma'am for pushing me so high to be a real Architect. God bless! :)

Cheesy quesadillas over my signed design contract hihi! Yeah, contract is important but food first. Haha!

I only order cheesy quesadillas but my former boss ordered me tapsilog. Haha!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Coffee and mango.

Hot cafe mocha

Fish and fries

Subi Mango. Its actually their new craze and it is soo delish! A must try! :)
One of my favorite things to do is to go to coffee shops. But I've been very busy last year so when I went to Subi Monte Cafe in Centennial Kawit to have some coffee and snacks, I felt like I've never been there for years. Haha! But I got so surprised when they gave me Subi Mango. Its a gift they say, a late Christmas gift. Hihi! Or maybe they missed me haha! And yeah, I've been staying at their shop for hours to finish my workloads. Haha! But anyway, thank you Subi Monte! :)

Custom prescription pads.

Ongoing production of prescription pads of Dra. Alonzo.
For inquiries, you may visit the facebook page of The White Paperbox PH.

Ramen night.

Tonkotsu is love!

Our tonkotsu with gyoza
Been craving for ramen, thanks to boyfie! He dated me for this. Haha! :D
We had these ramens at Sabro Ramen at Cavite City.

Birthday celebration of the Prince

Got a little time to prepare the backdrop but still the celebrant enjoyed the balloons haha! :)

Simple preparations but made with love :)

Balloons all over! :)
It was only a family gathering since we didn't made it grand. As long as he enjoyed his day, everything is already enough. :)

On his day.

Had our lunch at Kuya J Restaurant in Kawit to celebrate boyfriend’s birthday. We were supposed to dine at a buffet restaurant but unfortunately, we both had colds and can’t accommodate big meals.
I can’t rate this Kare-Kare due to my colds But we will definitely try it again :)
Even these Chorizo Dinamitas, can’t rate And the year was just started :(
We still managed to celebrate his day and enjoy the rest of the day at his place together with good friends. And we had so much fun! ;)

My Christmas rush project.

It was a 2-week project that must be completed before 2018 ends. But it ended until the first week of January due to additional works. Well, it always happen in every construction. Hehe! 

This was actually the project of Kuya Darrel of DDMCS and he contracted me as his Project Manager.

Installation of acrylic build-up signage and wallpapers.
Restoration of existing wood flooring, repainting of existing walls and installation of acoustic ceiling.
Installation of wallpapers and repainting of existing walls.
Installation of wallpapers, repainting of walls, installation of acoustic ceiling and restoration of wood flooring.
Installation of wallpapers, installation of acoustic ceiling, repainting of walls and installation of new lighting fixtures.
Repainting of existing cabinets.

Installation of new lighting fixtures.
This actually completed my 2018. :)
Hoping for more! :D

Our first summer.

Like any other couple, we have plans to travel local or international, too. And to start off our adventure, we’ve gone to local north, Baler, Aurora.

Our first ever out of town trip was finally materialized! We’ve drove for almost 8 hours with friends. Felt guilty though for I haven’t renew my driver’s license yet Hehe! We’ve checked-in a cheap but fully furnished guesthouse which also allowed us to cook. This help us to save some bucks, too. Hihi! We also made our own itinerary so we won’t need to pay for tourist guide. Thanks to google maps and waze. Haha! But, really, we don’t spent much on our trip because we would rather buy more pasalubongs.

Our obligatory shot
So calm

My first ever surfing
Aside from surfing, we caved-in the biggest Balete Tree in Asia

Seafoods! We also bought meals for us to try their delicacies :)
Just few shots from our trip but we really had fun! :)

More adventures awaits us soon! ;)

First of 2019.

Our annual Christmas tradition was always a family reunion or gathering. We usually celebrate it on the 25th of December. But on this day was celebrated on the 1st of January 2019. :) We even got a chance to celebrate it with Christian, our cousin, and his wife, Roxanne, who got a short vacation here in the Philippines. So, it was really a blast! Though we're not that complete, we still managed to enjoy the day.
And yeah, got drunk on this day. Haha! Cheers to a better year! :)

New year’s eve 2018. Welcome 2019!

We welcomed 2019 with these simple preparations. I hope everyone would have a great new year ahead! :)

Davao visit after a decade.

Just this year, I finally paid a visit in Davao after 14 years. A decade, indeed! So, I literally spent every hour to enjoy my stay. On my first day, I immediately invited my classmates and friends. So excited of me haha! And had our dinner at Out of Nowhere Kitchen in Matina, Davao City. The foods there were really affordable and each serving is sooo big. It was really worth it! A must try!
Carribean Grilled Chicken
Jurassic Ribs

We also went to Matina Town Square where I was able to meet the rest of the batch. It was lucky of me! Before, we can’t actually enjoy the place due to minor age. But I finally enjoyed the place.

On my 2nd day of the visit, I finally visited Pearl Farm Beach Resort! It is one of the finest spots to visit in Davao. It was actually my first time since I never had a chance before due to my studies. So, I promised myself that I will definitely book my vacation here

I’d spent an overnight stay only at the resort because the main reason for my Davao visit was to celebrate the 1st death anniversary of my grandmother.

Well, right after the day of the celebration, we schedule another meet-up with friends. So, we headed to Batu House Cafe in Marfori, Davao and had our great feast. Haha!

Aside from I forgot the names of each food, I already forgot that I am on a diet.
Of course, I will not let my vacation end without spending it with my cousins. They set our itinerary and visited sites that I haven’t visited before. First was at Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen. Very native!

A chicken dish cooked in a bamboo.

Their very owned blue rice which was cooked with a flower.

Homemade ice cream dessert. Very yummy!
Our family had also dined and had a few drinks at Amiya Resort Residences.

And lastly, we went at Malagos Garden Resort. There, we enjoyed at butterfly sanctuary, bird feeding, learned at their educational bird show and we especially enjoyed the Chocolate Museum! I even bought packs for pasalubong. Haha!
The Chocolate Museum
Believe me, aside from lack of sleep due to time constrain vacation, I gained sooo muchhh weight. But to be honest, it was really nice to be back. I could say I got a great teenage life.:)