Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Finally, a new project!

One of the nightmares that architects or contractors could possibly have is to have new projects. Yes, not all is that fortunate. But God really moved His way for me. He gave me another blessing! It took me almost 2 months to have this! Imagine my office bills and other expenses? I’m almost depressed!

Well moving on, my Auntie Tess talked to me last October that Ate Cathy, my cousin, bought a new lot and wanted to hire me as her architect to design her house.

The project is a 2-storey residential located at Davao City. The scope is design services including interior design. Unfortunately, I can no longer accommodate the construction since I’m based in Cavite. And it would cost her less if they will get the contractor within the vicinity. This is already enough to sustain my solo business life. Haha! But I would still hope I could get a construction project. Just trust Him. :)

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