Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My Christmas rush project.

It was a 2-week project that must be completed before 2018 ends. But it ended until the first week of January due to additional works. Well, it always happen in every construction. Hehe! 

This was actually the project of Kuya Darrel of DDMCS and he contracted me as his Project Manager.

Installation of acrylic build-up signage and wallpapers.
Restoration of existing wood flooring, repainting of existing walls and installation of acoustic ceiling.
Installation of wallpapers and repainting of existing walls.
Installation of wallpapers, repainting of walls, installation of acoustic ceiling and restoration of wood flooring.
Installation of wallpapers, installation of acoustic ceiling, repainting of walls and installation of new lighting fixtures.
Repainting of existing cabinets.

Installation of new lighting fixtures.
This actually completed my 2018. :)
Hoping for more! :D

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