Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Our first summer.

Like any other couple, we have plans to travel local or international, too. And to start off our adventure, we’ve gone to local north, Baler, Aurora.

Our first ever out of town trip was finally materialized! We’ve drove for almost 8 hours with friends. Felt guilty though for I haven’t renew my driver’s license yet Hehe! We’ve checked-in a cheap but fully furnished guesthouse which also allowed us to cook. This help us to save some bucks, too. Hihi! We also made our own itinerary so we won’t need to pay for tourist guide. Thanks to google maps and waze. Haha! But, really, we don’t spent much on our trip because we would rather buy more pasalubongs.

Our obligatory shot
So calm

My first ever surfing
Aside from surfing, we caved-in the biggest Balete Tree in Asia

Seafoods! We also bought meals for us to try their delicacies :)
Just few shots from our trip but we really had fun! :)

More adventures awaits us soon! ;)

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