Monday, January 21, 2019

Starting up.

Starting up a business is really never an easy task. You have to get projects, small or big projects. It doesn’t matter. As long as it’ll push through. In our industry, bidding a project could only give you 70-30 of chance. A competition, a real life race. Even you’re selling an excellent design and a reasonable construction cost.

My studio was started last July 1, 2018 and our advertising shop can now give a full-time services as well, since it was already started as a sideline last January 2018. Well, the first month was really good. But like any other businesses, we’ve encounter trials, too. A ghost month, indeed. But God is really amazing. He did gave us solutions in a very timely way. Charge to experience, they say. But I know there are still alot of problems in our way. We just have to be more prepared than before. Who knows what will it be. Just pray because at the end of the day, God’s plan would still prevail. :)

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