Sunday, February 24, 2019

Room interior walk through at Paragon Square

In line with my previous post about "Better than a design contract.", Here are just the initial interior design presentations for Paragon Square hotel rooms and units project. The project is located at Tabon, Kawit, Cavite.

The rest of the designs for units are still ongoing. Hope I could finalize the designs the soonest. Wish me luck! ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Walk through at Algones Residence

Here is my initial presentation of design proposal for residential project located in Davao City.

To know more about this project, you may check my previous post, "Davao project."

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Heart's day extension.

Everyday is Valentine's day they say. So, some spend it on weekends on out of town trips or mall dates since February 14 falls on weekdays. Well, you can't only be in love or give effort in just one day, right? Hihi! Consistency is a must, too. 

So for us, we extend our celebration on the 16th. We dine at the Rib Cage in Kawit, Cavite. :)

Rib Cage is just a newly opened restaurant here in Cavite. Restaurants nowadays are really booming. So, you might wanna visit Cavite and try to dine here. The foods were really good! ;) 'Cause I did enjoy my food as I enjoy my extra cup of rice, too! Haha! :)

When flowers are overrated.

It's Valentine's day again! So, how and where did you celebrate it? Celebrating Valentine's day is like a holiday to most couple people and a bitter day to most singles. Hehe! Kidding aside, it is actually the day where some do extra effort to their partner. And the day where most of restaurants were fully jammed pack. So, you must reserve your table ahead of time. 

If you would ask me, I would say I got the best one. ;) I didn't got bouquet of flowers nor chocolates. But instead, I got a fully packed of coffee jelly! Haha! I didn't expect anything from him since the two of us were really need to save some bucks. Hihi! But for me it is just one of his great works for me. The effort of making such especially when he made you your favorite coffee is already more than enough. :)

Ate most of it here hihi! :)

The day didn't end without having a date. So, we headed to Big Ben's Kitchen in Kawit, Cavite. There, we ordered our favorite meals. :) And we were only the customers who dined that time since we spent the date on lunch time so we wouldn't need to worry crowded restaurants. Hehe! 

Just two of our favorites hihi! :)
Thankyousomuch Yabs! :*

So, how and where did you celebrate your Valentine's day? :)

Thursday, February 7, 2019

My second workstation.

Pesto Legaspi

One of my activities, aside from drawing or designing plans, is meetings. Most of the time, we set meetings outside my office. Since I can't still afford to invite anyone to my office due to my not-so-fully furnished place. Haha! Forgive me, cause I can't still manage to buy unnecessary staffs when deadlines of my projects are at stake. But I am still hoping I could make time to do it. :)

So, one of my favorite spot meeting places is Subi Monte Cafe. All the crew there actually knew me already. Haha! Can't help it since my office is just in front of the cafe. Hehe! Whenever I go to the cafe, I make it sure that I am with my laptop and all. So, I would not transfer back again to my place after the meeting. Time is gold it is. But whenever I am at the cafe, I just can't control my tummy. Why?? :( But still, I am very thankful to Subi Monte Cafe for letting me stay there for hours. :) 

Oh, by the way, try their coffee drinks and foods. Everything is so good! ;) You should visit their branches in Cavite City, Kawit and Tagaytay. :)