Thursday, February 7, 2019

My second workstation.

Pesto Legaspi

One of my activities, aside from drawing or designing plans, is meetings. Most of the time, we set meetings outside my office. Since I can't still afford to invite anyone to my office due to my not-so-fully furnished place. Haha! Forgive me, cause I can't still manage to buy unnecessary staffs when deadlines of my projects are at stake. But I am still hoping I could make time to do it. :)

So, one of my favorite spot meeting places is Subi Monte Cafe. All the crew there actually knew me already. Haha! Can't help it since my office is just in front of the cafe. Hehe! Whenever I go to the cafe, I make it sure that I am with my laptop and all. So, I would not transfer back again to my place after the meeting. Time is gold it is. But whenever I am at the cafe, I just can't control my tummy. Why?? :( But still, I am very thankful to Subi Monte Cafe for letting me stay there for hours. :) 

Oh, by the way, try their coffee drinks and foods. Everything is so good! ;) You should visit their branches in Cavite City, Kawit and Tagaytay. :)

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