Thursday, June 27, 2019

A One-day Site Visit

A new project, thank God! Another project was given to me by my former boss. I am grateful enough to be trusted again but this time I am being tied up to almost of her projects. So much blessings, indeed! 

The project is to interior design a commercial bank located in Cebu City, owned by Taft Properties. Architectural planning was already done by others. So, it will be actually my first time to interior design a bank. And I am excited to give my all. Haha! 

To start off the project, we need to visit the site. So, she booked us with Engr. Mark, her Electrical Engineer a one-day site visit.

As soon as we arrived, we directed to site to perform our duties. Site measurements and actual inspection were done. And since the project was a previous bank, too, it wasn't easy at all especially when doing an as-built plan of an existing building.

We also visited her other site projects which were also owned by the same client.

Well of course, you can't leave Cebu for not trying their famous Cebu Lechon. So, right after the site visits, we went to CnT Lechon. It wasn't actually my first time in Cebu. But I was too young back then to experience the whole place. So, technically, it was still my first time to eat Cebu Lechon. Hihi!

It was also a not-so sad day since my schedule was too short to visit some tourist spots. I am still grateful enough to have this project.

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